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Types of Logistics

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               Logistics is moving the obtained resources to the desired location, in other sense it is shifting, shipping and transporting. Logistic is a military word used for transporting and storing with the help of supply chain. It is the process where planning, implementation and control take place to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the resources and services. The resources here include materials, food, equipments, animals, liquids etc. in almost every field logistics are used. There are several logistic companies in India which deal with different fields in order to meet the customer requirement.
Generally logistic companies in India depend on association and coordination of partners involved. Partners here can be suppliers, third party providers and also customers. The two kinds of logistics are,

Inbound: This mainly concentrates on purchasing and arranging inbound materials or products i.e. either through warehouse or retail store.

Outbound: This is associated with storing and moving of final product or finished goods.

Fields in logistics : The services provided by logistics have different fields,

Procurement logistics  :
                This service deals with the products, services, or materials to meet the requirement at the best cost. 

Production logistics :
                  This service allows procurement logistic to connect with the distribution logistic.

Distribution logistics :
                    Delivering the finished products to customers. Deals with processing the order, transportation and warehousing.

Disposal logistics :
                      Reduces logistic cost and enhances services associated with disposal logistics.

Reverse logistics :
                     This is a process where goods moving from their destination for the use of disposal.
These are the different services provided by the logistic companies.

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