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Some facts and trends of Truck Transport in India

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The network of roads in India itself highlights the significance of truck transport in India which plays a very crucial role in our economy. Right from the time of independence till date, it is seen tremendous growth and contributed to the growth of businesses and industries by facilitating transport. It is also the most sought after means for personal goods transport requirement. Yet, this particular segment of transport including the trucks has not seen much attention by the government, though it has always experienced rising demand everywhere.

Let’s know some more facts about truck transport in India:
  • During the last decade, road freight has grown at a compounded growth rate of 11.9%. Share of road in freight is likely to settle around 85%.
  • Truck transport in India is classified in three categories namely, national services, regional services (including inter-regional and intra-regional) and the local services. 
  • There are a large number of operators in the market making the environment quite competitive.
  • Trucking in India has been a subject of minimum regulation unlike other countries which have regulations on routes, pricing, licensing of operator etc.
  • The major deregulatory move that has taken place in India is the relaxation concerning movements all over the country.
  • The truck transport rates in India depends on many fixed and variable factors like the variation in load, distance, fuel cost, capital cost, capacity etc.
  • With judicial intervention, overloading of trucks has become a matter of past which. But in this scenario with increase in demand the freight rates or truck transport rates have increased. Efficiency improvement can be a possible counter to this situation.
  • In India, a sharp increase in fuel price along with a gradual increase in freight rates has implied a negative effect on operator profit.
  • There are intermediaries between the truck operators and the users having access to greater information flow. The distribution of revenue seems to be imbalanced between them which necessitate some regulations to be put on intermediaries.
 With active role of private operators and logistics companies, the services offered by truck transport in India has quite improved and become competitive. The customers now have the option to choose the service of their choice based on detailed analysis of cost and quality of services. They can easily compare the rates of internet and finalize the most reliable service provide for better return on their money. There are possibilities of hiring full truckload transport or less than truckload transport which is benefitted the customers by providing quality service at a lower cost. Also the insurance option is providing peace of mind by safeguarding the value of their goods. Today’s truck transport services in India are highly reliable, cost effective, and always ready to serve the clients with best options.  

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